Srigen Strength & Handling reactions, reagents

Our Scientific team independently can develop new chemical entities and desirable API intermediates with patentable process as per principal’s requirements. Well experienced in the handling of Alkyl Lithium, Grignard, catalytic hydrogenation, all kinds of bromination reactions and a proven track record in the development of rare chemicals and intermediates.

Our Management team plays an important role in ensuring safe and productive operations, as well as in controlling risks in the business.

Ever since inception, Srigen have always strengthened our innovative core to introduce new concepts, rather than competing aggressively in a hyper competitive market. In other words, we believe in creating markets, rather than being a ‘me-too’ player. And this strategy generates significant value and brand recall in the long term.

Our R&D operation distinctive is a unique combination of the depth and breadth of capabilities, coupled with class infrastructure, sustainable partnerships and a robust product portfolio.

Our research organization has solved a number of complex challenges across the chemical operations as well as whether it is complexity in any kind of chemistry and other challenges like process engineering.

Innovative, robust and scalable chemical development, coupled with flexi-scale drug substance manufacture.